Village News

The Village kindly reminds customers of the Metra Commuter Parking Lot (east side of the tracks) to remember your ticket after making a purchase at the pay box.  This ticket must be placed on your vehicle’s dashboard to allow the Lake Bluff Police to easily read the ticket during their parking enforcement rounds.

From time to time, customers forget their ticket after making a purchase at the pay box. This may result in the police issuing you a citation, and may cause the pay box printer to jam.  In an effort to not inconvenience your fellow commuters please ensure you remove the ticket from the pay box printer and place it on your vehicle’s dashboard before exiting your vehicle.

If you have any questions regarding the pay box, please contact Franco Bottalico, Administrative Intern at 847-283-6882, or the Lake Bluff Police at 847-234-8760.

While snowfall creates picturesque scenes in our Village, driving can be a headache! The Lake Bluff Police Department encourage these steps you can take to help improve your safety while driving: 

  • To allow for efficient snow plow access to clear roads, residents may not park on village streets overnight or after 2” of snow;
  • Make sure your car is prepared for cold temperatures and wintery conditions like snow and ice. Keep your equipment properly maintained and include a winter survival kit in your vehicle: an ice scraper, snow shovel and sand/salt;
  • Clear snow and ice off your car – including windows, mirrors, lights, reflectors, hood, roof and trunk;
  • Drive with your headlights on, and be sure to keep them clean to improve visibility;
  • Use caution when snow banks limit your view of oncoming traffic;
  • Avoid using cruise control in snowy or icy conditions. In adverse conditions, you want as much control of your car as possible;
  • Know how to brake on slippery surfaces. Vehicles with anti-lock brakes operate much differently from those that do not have anti-lock brakes. You should consult your vehicle's owner's manual for instructions on how to brake properly if your vehicle should start to skid;
  • Maintain at least a half tank of gas during the winter season. This helps ensure you have a source of heat if you are stuck or stranded;
  • If you do venture out or are unexpectedly caught in a snowstorm and encounter problems, stay in your car and wait for help. You can run the car heater to stay warm for 10 minutes every hour, but make sure your exhaust pipe is clear of snow. There is a danger of carbon monoxide poisoning if snow blocks the pipe and enables the deadly gas to build up in your car. Open your window slightly to help prevent the buildup;
  • Keep your windshield washer reservoir full, and make sure your car has wiper blades that are in good condition;
  • Remember that speed limits are meant for dry roads, not roads covered in snow and ice. You should reduce your speed and increase your following distance as road conditions and visibility worsen;
  • Be cautious on bridges and overpasses as they are commonly the first areas to become icy;
  • Avoid passing snow plows and sand trucks. The drivers can have limited visibility, and the road in front of them could be worse than the road behind;
  • Monitor road and weather conditions by checking local news stations or Internet traffic and weather sites; and
  • If you must travel during a snowstorm or in blizzard conditions, be sure to let a relative, friend or coworker know where you are headed and your expected arrival time. Avoid the temptation to check or be on your phone while driving as all of your attention should be on arriving safely.

The Village would like to make residents aware of the ComEd scams that have been reported throughout various communities.  The scam artists are contacting customers by phone and in-person claiming to be ComEd representatives and telling customers their service will be disconnected unless payment is made. They instruct the individual to wire funds, or buy a prepaid credit card, and call them back with the personal identification number (PIN). Reminder to residents that representatives from ComEd always carry proper identification and never ask customers for cash or personal financial information.

To report any suspicious activity please contact the Lake Bluff Police Department at 847-234-2153.

The Village reminds residents that parking is prohibited on any street located in the Village between the hours of 1:00 a.m. and 7:00 a.m. from November 15th to April 1st, or after a snowfall of two inches or more.  Parking is restricted during this time to allow for snow removal operations, as well as emergency vehicles access throughout the Village.

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In combination with local police departments along the North Shore, the Lake Bluff Police Department has been investigating a recent rash of car burglaries.  In all cases, valuables were stolen from unlocked vehicles during the overnight hours.

The Lake Bluff Police Department strongly urges all residents to take the following basic precautions:

  • ALWAYS keep your car locked when unattended;
  • ALWAYS remove valuables such as computers, cash, checkbooks, GPS and cell phones from the car;
  • NEVER leave your keys, purse, wallet or sensitive information in your car; and
  • When possible, keep your car in the garage overnight with the garage doors closed and secured.

If anyone observes any suspicious activity in your neighborhood, please call the Lake Bluff Police Department immediately at 847-234-2151 or dial 9-1-1.