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Following an extensive and thorough evaluation and review of alerting systems, the Village of Lake Bluff (Village) has implemented the CodeRED system, a high-speed emergency notification service provided by Emergency Communications Network, based in Ormond Beach, Florida. Public safety officials across the United States have credited CodeRED notifications for saving lives and many successful events including locating missing children, apprehending wanted criminals and issuing timely evacuations.  Learn how the CodeRED Emergency Notification system works.    

The CodeRED system will serve as the backbone of the Village’s emergency planning and communications outreach. The platform will allow the Village to communicate with residents and Village personnel by sending telephone calls, text messages, emails, social media and CodeRED Mobile Alert app messages in an effort to effectively inform residents of emergencies to protect life and property. CodeRED, among other notification systems available, was selected for its unrivaled reliability and accuracy, as well as the system’s global use.

“CodeRED’s robust system will provide Village officials with a reliable, easy-to-use interface to quickly disseminate critical information to our residents during emergencies. We are very eager to use this technology to enhance our emergency preparedness plans,” said Police Chief David Belmonte. We anticipate using the system to notify residents in specific geographic locations of weather emergencies, floods, missing children notices or any other situation where we need to notify residents quickly.

Lake Bluff has also contracted the CodeRED Weather Warning system, an automated weather warning technology that delivers phone calls, text messages, and emails to registered residents and businesses within the direct path of severe weather. The CodeRED Weather Warning system is an opt-in service that automatically notifies those registered of tornado, flash flood, and severe thunderstorm warnings just minutes after an alert is issued by the National Weather Service (NWS).  Learn how the CodeRED Weather Warning system sends notifications during severe weather events.

The Village of Lake Bluff has been provided an initial database of residential and business telephone numbers, however all residents living within the Lake Bluff Village limits are encouraged to visit and click on the CodeRED logo to enroll additional contact information including cell phone numbers, text and email addresses. No one should assume they have been automatically added to the emergency contact database. The enrollment link will also allow residents to opt-in to receive the automated Weather Warnings. Residents and businesses are encouraged to enter both a cell phone number and email address, and designate the types of weather warnings to be received.

On May 11, 2015 officers responded to the Lake Bluff Middle School on E. Sheridan Place when school employees found 52 computers missing.  It appears that over the weekend entry was gained by breaking a door window on the west side of the building.  The value of the computers was reported at $66,000.

On May 14, 2015, officers responded to the Union Church on E. Prospect Avenue after church officials discovered someone entered the office area and removed several gift cards and cash.  The items were valued under $800.  It is believed the theft occurred between 4:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.  The church was not locked at the time of the theft.

Police Chief David Belmonte stated officers are investigating the cases and these cases offer good reminders for all residents and businesses to remember to practice good security measures.  “We are fortunate to live and work in a relatively safe community where these events do not happen on a regular basis.  However, thefts can and do occur anywhere.  It becomes a matter of trying to take the best precautions you can to avoid being a victim.” 

The Police Department offers the following tips:

  • Lock all doors and windows. And, invest in a good, solid core door.
  • Keep shrubs trimmed back. If windows are visible, it’s easier for neighbors or police to spot a broken window. Also, consider “thorny” shrubs. If it’s painful to access a window over shrubs, that’s a deterrent.
  • Keep your garage door closed at all times. Not only does this prevent items from being stolen, it also takes away another sign that you’re home or away.
  • Get to know your neighbors.  Extra sets of eyes keeping a watch on your property, reporting suspicious activity, and helping keep you safe. Be sure and return the favor and keep an eye on their home, too.
  • Consider an alarm system. Most insurance companies offer discounts for alarms, and some systems also monitor for fire.
  • When away for long periods of time, use timers for lights to give the home a lived-in look. Leave a radio or TV on at a conversational volume level. Have a neighbor pick up your paper and mail, and accept packages. Ask that neighbor remove door hangers and other advertisements that pile up on the front door.
  • Turn on exterior lighting after dark. Use the same schedule for lighting when your away that you do when you’re home. Consider timers for exterior lights.
  • Think like a burglar. Ask yourself, “what would a burglar find when he looks at my house or business that would be inviting?”

And lastly, but just as important, anytime anyone sees ANYTHING suspicious, call 911.  The information you provide can help prevent criminal activity or even catch an offender.

If anyone has any information relating to the thefts being investigated, please contact the Lake Bluff Police at 847-234-8760 or you can provide anonymous tips to Crime Stoppers at 847.662.2222 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Village would like to remind residents of the ongoing restoration of the 10.3 acre conservation area of the Stonebridge Subdivision (located along Green Bay Road).  The following information provides details about the planned restoration work and a general update regarding the subdivision project.

As part of the initial approval documents for the Stonebridge Subdivision the developer is required to completely restore a 10.3 acre conservation area at the eastern end of the site, which includes all of the wooded area extending east to west between Green Bay Road and the original estate house, and from the north property line of the site to the south property line. The conservation area also includes the original pond visible from Green Bay Road. 

In the spring of 2012 the current developer of the Stonebridge Project, The Roanoke Group, awarded a contract to Pizzo & Associates, an ecological restoration company from Leland, Illinois to perform the initial phase of the forest restoration work. The first phase of the work included the removal of all of the understory buckthorn and honeysuckle and other non-native plants and understory shrubs. The work will also include the removal of the majority of the fallen trees and the removal of trees from the perimeter of the conservation area determined by the Village's tree consultant, Urban Forest Management, to be hazardous or diseased.

During the week of February 18, 2013 The Roanoke Group will commence with the second phase of the conservation area forest work. Roanoke has hired Canopy Tree Specialists, a local tree company that will be working under the direction of Urban Forest Management to remove all of the diseased and undesirable tree species throughout the conservation area forest. The planned removal includes an estimated 220 existing ash trees, all of which either have or are expected to become infected with Emerald Ash Borer.

Removal of the diseased, invasive, and other undesirable species is necessary to reestablish a healthy oak/hickory forest. Currently, due to tree density and the significant number of invasive species, no oak seedlings and very few hickory seedlings have been found on the site by Urban Forest Management. Subsequent work requirements include the planting of 150 new trees of selected species, as well as forest floor native plantings, including such species as trillium, wild geranium, and may apples.

During this phase of the work the tree removal contractor will be permitted to work 7:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays. However, the operation of chain saws, chippers, heavy equipment, and any other type of tool or equipment, shall be limited from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday, and 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays. No burning of removed material will be permitted during this phase.

The Roanoke Group continues to rework the original development proposal which was presented to the Village's Joint Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals (PCZBA) on November 28, 2012. At the current time it is estimated a revised development proposal, developed in consideration of comments received at the November 28th meeting, may be scheduled for a meeting of the PCZBA in the near future. Updates are available by clicking here.

For questions, please contact Village Engineer George Russell, at 847-283-6884.

In December 2010, following a community-wide engagement of various Lake Bluff stakeholders, the Village Board adopted Lake Bluff’s first ever Strategic Plan – a document that will help define our organizational direction and assist the Village in how limited resources are allocated over the next five years.  In 2011 the Village Board, based on a goal priority matrix, established several highest priortiy goals from the Strategic Plan in order to focus Village resources and move towards atttainment of the selected visions.  An operational plan has been developed to identify and track the progress the Village makes toward achieving the 2016 Visions and to report the progress to the Board, stakeholders and the community overall.

Visions for 2016
  • Unparalleled quality of life across all neighborhoods fosters stability and well-being for our stakeholders;
  • Engagement and volunteerism are the essence of our community culture;
  • High-quality, cost-effective municipal services meet community needs and position the Village for future success;
  • Our business climate sustains a robust and stable local economy;
  • People move with ease on foot, bicycle and by automobile in a safe, accessible and well-connected system of sidewalks, paths and roads; 
  • Housing stock diversity and strong property values serve residents at all stages of life; and
  • Environmental steweardship enhances the natural beauty of the community.

To view a copy of Operational Plan Updates, please click the links below:

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