On February 27, 2017, the Board of Trustees of Lake Bluff, Illinois unanimously adopted the Village’s 2023 Strategic Plan. The plan aims to unite the policy, resources, and stakeholders of the Village in service of the Village’s health and vitality.  It is the result of months of effort by community volunteers.

“The collective smarts of our residents come through the 2023 Strategic Plan clearly,” said Kathleen O’Hara, Village President. “I am grateful to all of those that gave their time, energy, and wisdom.”

The 2023 Strategic Plan envisions a Village that is “welcome, attractive and flourishing” thanks to its “authentic atmosphere of neighbors, traditions, safety and invigorating community life.” The plan speaks to a wide variety of topics that affect Lake Bluff’s quality of life, such as volunteerism, environmental conservation, business development, fiscal policy, and municipal services.

The Village hired Lynn Montei Associates in July 2016 to assist in developing the 2023 Strategic Plan. The seven-month process relied on two groups of volunteers: one to design and steer the plan process, and one to synthesize ideas and draft the plan. Three well-attended workshops were held for the community to provide input on September 29, October 1, and January 26.  

“There was a lot of input from the entire community,” said Gail Gamrath, a Lake Bluff resident and contributor to the plan. “The workshops were Lake Bluff at its best, a bunch of people who are proud of their village and who want to see it continue to grow in positive ways into the future.”

The adopted 2023 Strategic Plan can be viewed online at the Village website, lakebluff.org. The next product of the Village’s strategic planning process is the creation of an Implementation Plan, which would identify specific, operational steps for action by the Village itself and by community stakeholders. 

View the Adopted 2023 Strategic Plan