The Village has received an application from The Roanoke Group (Petitioner) to amend the Village's Zoning Code to create and grant a Planned Mixed-Use Development (PMD) special use permit to redevelop the 0.76 acre parcel in the Lake Bluff Central Business District and R-4 Zoning District, commonly known as the former PNC Bank property at 120 E. Scranton Avenue (Property).  The existing site conditions include the existing single-story building, adjacent parking lots, and the unimproved land at the corner of Evanston and E. Scranton Avenues. To review the Village's discussions to date concerning the Downtown Design Guidelines visit: Downtown Design Guidelines.


Summary Description

The application proposes a three story, 16 unit multi-family building with the third story set back from the second story building wall and fully-enclosed grade level parking for 32 spaces (Development). The Development proposes vehicular access off of Oak Avenue and Evanston Avenue with a permeable paver drive along the full length of the north side of the Property.  Additionally, the application proposes changing Oak Avenue between E. North Avenue and E. Scranton Avenue from one-way to two-way traffic.

Block Three Front Eevation

Site Plan

Application Review Process

Text Amendment Process - the Petitioner is requesting the Village amend the zoning code to create a new development tool to consider planned mixed-use developments as a special use in the Central Business District (CBD), C Residence District (R-5) and B Residence District (R-4).  The Process and Standards to amend the Zoning Code that are considered by the Village are available here.

Planned Mixed-Use Development Review Process
The Village's Zoning Code already has planned development regulations for residential property (planned residential development), as well as commercial property (planned commercial development).  The planned development process differs from the standard development review process in that it allows for a departure from the strict application of specific zoning requirements in an effort to promote progressive development and redevelopment of land by encouraging more creative and imaginative design than possible under the zoning regulations that generally apply.

The draft planned development process includes two rounds of review starting with a Development Concept Plan review phase with: (a) the Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals (PCZBA), (b) the Architectural Board of Review (ABR) which is optional, and (c) the Village Board of Trustees. Each board conducts their own public meetings and/or hearings to evaluate the proposed development for consistency with specific standards and makes recommendations to the Village Board.  Each board may require the Petitioner to submit additional details as it may deem necessary in order to better understand the impact of the proposal.  The Village Board may grant, deny, or modify the proposal or send it back to the PCZBA and/or ABR for further consideration.  If granted preliminary approval, the development would return for the final review stage.

The Final Plan review phase provides time for the development of more specific plans prior to final approval consideration, including site engineering and stormwater detention details, public improvements among others.  The Final Plan review includes a public hearing  by the PCZBA and required ABR review before final consideration by the Village Board. 

Application Materials Received:

Part 1 (Staff memo, zoning analysis, application and site plan) Part 2 (building elevations)

Part 3 (traffic study) Part 4 (stormwater analysis, construction sequence & governance) 

Part 5 (fiscal impact analysis) Part 6 (draft PMD ordinance)

Part 7 (Village's response to traffic/stormwater studies) 

Public Meeting Schedule and Project Updates

All meetings conducted to consider the proposed Development are open to the public with time set aside to allow for public comment at each meeting.  All meetings are held at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall Board Room (40 E. Center Ave.) unless otherwise noted.

Village Board Meeting - September 12, 2016 Village Board Meeting Packet The Village Board approved final reading of the Planned Mixed-Use Development regulations with the addition of establishing a 30' maximum height for all PMDs. Proposed plans that exceed the maximum height regulation would require a zoning variation. 

Village Board Meeting - August 22, 2016 Village Board Meeting Packet - The Village Board approved first reading of the proposed Planned Mixed-Use Development regulations at its meeting on August 22, 2016.

PCZBA Meeting - August 17, 2016 PCZBA Meeting Packet - The PCZBA recommended the Village Board approve the Planned Mixed-Use Development regulations. 

PCZBA Meeting - July 20, 2016 PCZBA Meeting Packet  - The PCZBA continued the public hearing to August 17th to further consider the proposed Development and the proposed text amendment to the Zoning Code.

PCZBA Meeting - June 15, 2016 PCZBA Meeting Packet - The PCZBA continued the public hearing to July 20th to allow The Roanoke Group time to respond to comments from the PCZBA concerning the proposed Development and text amendment to the Zoning Code.

Architectural Board of Review - to be determined.

Written comments 

In addition to commenting at public meetings throughout the course of the review process, comments may be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or written and sent to:

Village of Lake Bluff
Community Development Department
40 E. Center Ave.
Lake Bluff, IL 60044

For additional information regarding the proposed Development, or review process, please contact Village Administrator Drew Irvin 847-283-6883.