In December 2010, following a community-wide engagement of various Lake Bluff stakeholders, the Village Board adopted Lake Bluff’s first ever Strategic Plan – a document that will help define our organizational direction and assist the Village in how limited resources are allocated over the next five years.  In 2011 the Village Board, based on a goal priority matrix, established several highest priortiy goals from the Strategic Plan in order to focus Village resources and move towards atttainment of the selected visions.  An operational plan has been developed to identify and track the progress the Village makes toward achieving the 2016 Visions and to report the progress to the Board, stakeholders and the community overall.

Visions for 2016
  • Unparalleled quality of life across all neighborhoods fosters stability and well-being for our stakeholders;
  • Engagement and volunteerism are the essence of our community culture;
  • High-quality, cost-effective municipal services meet community needs and position the Village for future success;
  • Our business climate sustains a robust and stable local economy;
  • People move with ease on foot, bicycle and by automobile in a safe, accessible and well-connected system of sidewalks, paths and roads; 
  • Housing stock diversity and strong property values serve residents at all stages of life; and
  • Environmental steweardship enhances the natural beauty of the community.

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