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As part of the Village’s efforts to conserve more water, we are replacing (almost) every water meter between now and May 2020. These replacements will eliminate water meters that have lived their useful life and replace them with new water meters that are all-electronic, have no moving parts, and come with modern features that reduce water loss and the costs of operating our water system.

Some fast facts:

  • The Installer. The Village has hired an experienced plumbing company, United Meters, Inc., to install your new meter. Each licensed plumber has been screened by the Lake Bluff Police Department and will carry identification.
  • The Plan. United Meters will replace over 2,000 meters in the next four months:
    • Addresses east of Sheridan Road will be scheduled in January and February.
    • Addresses west of Sheridan Road will be scheduled in March and April.
  • What You Need To Do. It’s easy. You will need to schedule a personal appointment with United Meters. Someone at least 18 years old will have to provide access to your home. You will need to provide clear space around your water meter for us to work.
  • Your Easy Appointment. Most appointments will take less than half an hour. Your water will be shut off while the meter is replaced. Your new meter is provided at no charge.

Frequently Asked Questions

On March 18, 2020, the Village entered a state of civil emergency. You can read the emergency proclamation here.

The proclamation does four things. It...

  • Allows emergency purchases by the Village administration.
  • Allows emergency staffing.
  • Directs the Village administration to cooperate with other agencies in addressing COVID-19.
  • Closes all physical fitness facilities and membership sports clubs effective March 19, 2020.

The Village's draft Biennial Budget for fiscal years 2019 and 2020 is now available. The budget must be adopted prior to the Village's next fiscal year starting May 1, 2020. Additional details regarding review and adoption of this budget will be available soon.

Updated April 5, 2020

New programs are being created daily to help local businesses during the COVID-19 crisis, including the below. Many programs have upcoming deadlines or limited funds available, so don't wait - apply as soon as possible.

Important: This material provides general descriptions that may not be applicable to each and every situation. This material has been prepared for informational purposes only, and is not intended to provide, and should not be relied on for, tax, legal or accounting advice. You should consult your own tax, legal and accounting advisors. Finally, these programs are changing rapidly due to the evolving response to the COVID-19 emergency and these matters may change daily.

Due to the COVID-19 emergency:

  • All bulky item, construction debris, "white goods" (e.g. refrigerators), and e-waste collections are suspended.

  • Scheduled pickups of solid waste, recycling, and yard waste are not affected. However, materials will only be collected if they are within Groot carts, within cans with handles, or securely bagged. (This is already required by local law.)

  • Groot asks that any household with members showing COVID-19 symptoms not recycle. These households should bag their recyclables and place them in the trash.

  • The Village's Recycling Center remains open. However, textile recycling dropoffs are suspended.


Really Stay Home

Last Updated April 5, 2020

There's a lot to keep up with. This is what you must know:

  • New information suggests you should wear a cloth mask in public. You should not leave home more often because you are wearing a mask.
  • Stay home. This is mandatory with only limited exceptions described below.
  • COVID-19 is actively being transmitted in our community. Take every precaution. Do not delay.
  • Social gatherings of any size place our community in danger, whether they are occurring in public parks or private homes.