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Lake Bluff LS Playbook DRAFT 2019 02 01 REDUX 1 20  Lake Bluff LS Playbook DRAFT 2019 02 01 REDUX 1 21

The Village's Sustainability and Community Enhancement Ad Hoc Committee (SEC) has worked with community stakeholders to draft a landscape plan for the Village’s primary corridors and its gateways, with an emphasis on Route 176. The plan will serve as a “playbook” to the Village in collaboration with its partners and private landowners in the selection, implementation, and maintenance of these areas.

You can view the draft plan here.

Before it makes its recommendation to the Village Board, the SEC would like your comments on the draft plan. Contact Glen Cole at (847) 283-6889 or via e-mail with your thoughts.

The National Weather Service advises that life-threatening cold temperatures will occur in Lake Bluff between today and Thursday afternoon. Exposed skin may frostbite in as little as five minutes under these conditions.

  • Avoid travel and stay home if at all possible. Blowing snow from high winds may significantly reduce visibility and vehicles may fail to operate in these extreme temperatures.
  • Lake Bluff’s Public Safety Building (45 E. Center Ave.) and Metra Station (600 N. Sheridan Rd.) will remain open as warming centers.
  • Please check on your neighbors. If you or a neighbor require assistance, or if you are concerned about someone's well-being, contact the non-emergency operator for Police and Fire at (847) 234-8760.

We are aware of the following closings and cancellations of interest to Lake Bluff residents:

There have been recent sightings of coyotes in and around the Village's ravines. It is extremely rare for coyotes to attack a person

Coyotes are native to Lake County and typically avoid humans. They help to reduce rodent populations in our area.

You should only contact Lake Bluff Police if a coyote appears sick, injured, or threatening your safety. Coyotes are protected wildlife under Illinois law, and can only be removed if they are causing property damage or present a risk to human health or safety. Depending on the circumstances, a state licensed Nuisance Wildlife Control Operator may be able to relocate a coyote if permitted by law. 

If you want to discourage coyotes from loitering around your property, consider these tips:

  • Keep small pets (cats, rabbits, and small dogs) and their food indoors, especially after dark.
  • Clear brush and dense weeds to reduce prey habitats.
  • Keep trash contained within sealed containers.
  • Make sure your dogs are spayed or neutered. Coyotes are attracted to and do mate with domestic dogs.