On March 28, 2016, following a public hearing and presentation, the Village Board approved second and final reading of the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 and 2017-2018 Biennial Budget. This budget, in the amount of $14,043,941 plus $1,192,218 in inter-fund transfers for FY2017 and $13,934,293 plus $1,241,853 in inter-fund transfers for FY2018, includes the Village of Lake Bluff funds and the Lake Bluff Public Library funds.  For the first time ever the Village approved a two-year fiscal plan; this multi-year budget process emphasizes long-range planning, budgeting for results, effective program management, and fiscal responsibility.  Specifically, the primary objectives of this budget are to: (i) maintain current fund balances at or above Village minimum reserve levels, (ii) control operational costs, (iii) continue reinvestment in Village infrastructure, and (iv) continue to deliver quality and efficient services residents expect from the Village of Lake Bluff.  Additionally, this budget has been assembled with the intention to allocate resources consistent with the developed 2016 Village Strategic Plan. 

Copies of the Biennial Budget are available for public inspection at Village Hall, the Public Safety Building, the Lake Bluff Library, and by clicking on the links below.  Following the Public Hearing the Biennial Budget may be further revised and passed without any further inspection, notice or hearing.

FY2019-20 Tentative Budget (4/9/18)

FY2017-18 Approved Budget (4/24/2017)

Biennial Budget Presentation

Public Act 97-0609 Total Compensation Package Disclosure (4/13/18)

Collective Bargaining Agreement between the International Union of Operating Engineers, Local 150, Public Employees Division and Village of Lake Bluff Public Works Unit

Agreement between the Village of Lake Bluff and the Illinois Fraternal Order of Police Labor Council

Illinois FOP Labor Council and Village of Lake Bluff Sworn Police Sergeants

Past approved budget documents are also available for viewing at the Village Hall (40 E. Center Avenue) and the Lake Bluff Public Library (123 E. Scranton Avenue).  For additional information regarding the FY 2015-16 Approved Budget, please contact Finance Director Bettina O'Connell.