Background and Purpose: The Lake Bluff Farmers' Market Committee (FMC) is an advisory body convened by the Village Administrator to support the Farmers’ Market held seasonally on the Village Green. First held in 1993, the Farmers’ Market has supported the vitality of the Village’s Central Business District and has provided Village residents with easy access to some of the highest quality produce, baked goods, and other food available in Chicagoland and the tri-state area.

Term: Ad Hoc.

Meetings: The FMC meets as-needed throughout the year.

Duties: The Farmers' Market Committee studies and makes recommendations to the Village Administrator regarding:

  • The selection of vendors for the Market;
  • Marketing and sponsorship of the Market;
  • The programming of special events for the Market;
  • The operations of the Market during the Market season, including the responsibilities of the Village’s contractual market manager and other staff;
  • Any other policy or financial matter concerning the Farmers' Market; and,
  • Promotion of volunteerism within the Village.


  • Frank “Pony” Swanton, Chair
    Has served the FMC since January, 1993.
  • Sean Bjork
    Has served the FMC since March, 2015.
  • Adrienne Fawcett
    Has served the FMC since May, 2012.
  • Lise Martin
    Has served the FMC since May, 2012.
  • Sarah Raymoure Wnek
    Has served the FMC since April, 2016.
  • Kathy Sheppard
    Has served the FMC since May, 2012.
  • Jim Wicks
    Has served the FMC since June, 2017.
  • Gridley Swanton, Ex Officio
    Serves as the Village’s contractual manager of the Farmers’ Market.

Staff Contact:  
Franco Bottalico, Administrative Intern (847) 283-6882
Glen Cole, Assistant to the Village Administrator (847) 283-6889.