Purpose: the joint Plan Commission and Zoning Board of Appeals (PCZBA) is an advisory body to the Village Board created in April 2012. The PCZBA is the result of the consolidation of two separate boards - the former Plan Commission and former Zoning Board of Appeals - as a means to: (i) streamline development processes; (ii) gain greater organizational efficiencies; and (iii) maintain the Village's ability to meticulously review and consider important development projects.

The PCZBA's focus as an advisory body is two-fold - planning and zoning.

The main focus of the planning function is to ensure that the design and development of new subdivisions meet the standards identified in the Village Code.  This ensures adequate provisions are made for public utilities and other public requirements.  The planning function also incorporates the PCZBA's authority to prepare and recommend to the Village Board, pursuant to Illinois law, a comprehensive plan for present and future development or redevelopment within the Village. Most recently amended in 1997, the Village's Comprehensive Plan assists in guiding any future development and/or growth. The Plan is also a resource document of historical, statistical and anecdotal information about the Village.

The second responsibility of the PCZBA is zoning.  The purpose of the PCZBA in this function is to promote the safety, health, convenience, comfort, morals, prosperity and general welfare of the public.  

Term: 3 years.

Meetings: 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall Board Room (40 E. Center Avenue).


  • Review Tentative Plats of Subdivision,
  • Review Final Plats of Subdivision,
  • Review petitions for Planned Residential Developments (PRD),
  • Review changes to the Comprehensive Plan,
  • Review changes to developer donations and impact fees,
  • Hearing appeals from the Zoning Code Regulations,
  • Review requests for variations from the Village Zoning Code,
  • Recommend the issuance of or an amendment to a Special Use Permit, and
  • Recommend proposed changes to the Village Zoning Code and Map.

A common request for variation from the Zoning Code is from the Village's bulk regulations.  Bulk regulations consist of front, rear, and side yard regulations, height restrictions, daylight plane restrictions, floor-area ratio regulations, impervious surface coverage regulations, and building coverage regulations.


  • Gary Peters, Chairman (Term as Chair expires 4/30/2022 and term as Member expires 4/30/2022)
    Has served the PCZBA since June 1997.
  • Jill Danly, Member (Term expires 4/30/2022)
    Has served the PCZBA since May 2018.
  • Deborah Fischer, Member (Term expires 4/30/2024)
    Has served the PCZBA since February 2021.
  • Elliot Miller, Member (Term expires 4/30/2022)
    Has served the PCZBA since May 2014.
  • George Russell, Member (Term expires 4/30/2024)
    Has served the PCZBA since May 2018.
  • Anne Sorensen, Member (Term expires 4/30/2022)
    Has served the PCZBA since August 2021.
  • Aaron Towle, Member (Term expires 4/30/2024)
    Has served the PCZBA since June 2021.

Staff Contact: Glen Cole, Assistant to the Village Administrator (847) 283-6889