Purpose: The Intergovernmental Advisory Committee is an advisory body to the Village Board created in July of 1998. Specifically, to allow and provide for: (i) the funding of the acquisition of the Property by the Village and the immediate sale thereof to the Library and lease of a portion thereof to the Lake Bluff History Museum; and (ii) the improvement and ongoing maintenance of the Property, including improvements necessary to bring the Property into compliance with federal and state statutes requiring accommodation of disabled people in public facilities.

Term: 3 years

Meetings: The Intergovernmental Advisory Committee holds four meetings per year and meets quarterly.  At the first meeting the members appoint a Chairperson from among their membership, who serves a one year term, and may serve as Chairperson for more than one one-year term.

Duties: The Intergovernmental Advisory Committee contributes to Acknowledgments of contributions made to, or as a result of, the fundraising efforts.  The Intergovernmental Advisory Committee delivers a written report outlining the activities and recommendations for the previous calendar year to the Board of Trustees of the Library, with a copy to the Village and the Lake Bluff History Museum.


  • Eric Bailey, Chairman (Term expires 4/30/2020)
  • Bettina O'Connell, Village representative (Term expires 4/30/2020)
  • Cathy McKechney, Museum representative (Term expires 4/30/2020)
  • Kate Jackson, Library Representative (Term expires 4/30/2020)
  • Carole Stroh, Library Representative (Term expires 4/30/2020)

Staff Contact: Bettina O'Connell, Finance Director (847) 283-6890