Purpose: to establish policies regarding the preservation, protection, enhancement, rehabilitation, reconstruction, maintenance, and use of the Village's historic structures, sites, and landscapes.  Further, the HPC was created to educate Village residents on the importance of historic preservation.

Term: 4 years.

Meetings: 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Village Hall Board Room (40 E. Center Avenue).


  • Review Significant Demolition Permit Applications,
  • Recommend structures for landmark designation,
  • Conduct Advisory Review Conferences,
  • Recommend that a landmark designation be withdrawn,
  • Nominate structures for landmark designation,
  • Issue Certificates of Appropriateness, and
  • Issue Certificates of Economic Hardship.


  • Steven Kraus, Chairman (Term as Chair expires 4/30/2022 and term as Member expires 4/30/2022)
    Has served on the HPC since May 2018.
  • Vacant, Vice Chair
  • Paul Bergmann, Member (Term expires 4/30/2023)
    Has served on the HPC since September 2004.
  • Janie Jerch, Member (Term expires 4/30/2024)
    Has served on the HPC since April 2014.
  • Lois Nicol, Member (Term expires 4/30/2022)
    Has served on the HPC since May 2018.
  • Margarette Minor, Member (Term expires 4/30/2025)
    Has served on the HPC since January 2021.
  • Vacant, Member

Staff Contact: Glen Cole, Assistant to the Village Administrator (847) 283-6889