In order to safeguard life and property and to protect the general welfare of the community the Lake Bluff Fire Department oversees and enforces the Village's open burning standards and guidelines.  Open burning is permitted only for the purposes of conducting prescribed burning for natural area management and only pursuant to a Lake Bluff Open Burning Permit. The open burning of landscape debris or garbage or for any purpose other than prescribed burning for natural area management is prohibited; however, burn piles of natural area cuttings and trimmings may be considered by the Fire Chief for inclusion in the permitted burning activity.

Open Burning Permit Application and Requirements

Pre-Permit Inspection: The burn area must be inspected by the Fire Chief prior to issuance of an open burning permit, and all areas to be burned, at the discretion of the Fire Chief, must be cleared of all growth of an average height of more 24" (except for native trees which are not planned to be affected by the proposed burn), with the cut debris removed from the site and properly disposed of prior to issuance of the permit. Upon approval of an open burning permit, areas with growth exceeding this limit may be burned if, on inspection, the Fire Chief determines this will not significantly increase the potential hazard of the burn in the specific area involved.

Permit Conditions: The Fire Chief may establish such conditions or restrictions on an Opern Burning permit that is deemed reasonable and necessary to protect the public health, safety, and welfare.

Rules and Regulations for Permitted Open Burning

  • Contact: On the day of any burn activity a representative of your firm must come to the Public Safety Building (45 E. Center Avenue) and advise the Police Dispatcher of the location of that day's activity.  As a condition of approval to proceed on the day of the burn, wind speed must be between 5 and 15 mph and with a wind direction as indicated.  Police Dispatch will use the Village's weather station to determine current conditions.  Weather conditions may be viewed prior to coming to the Public Safety Building at  Applicants for an open burning permit will not be permitted to conduct the burn if wind speed is outside the ranges indicated above.  The Police Dispatcher will notify the on-duty Police Officers and the Fire Department of your activity.  Additionally, all applicants are require to call the Police Dispatcher at the conclusion of the day's activities to report the fire is extinguished;
  • Hours: Burning will only be allowed during daylight hours;
  • Wind Speed: As a condition of appoval to proceed on the day of the burn, wind speed must be between 5 and 15 mph and with a wind direction as indicated.  The Police Dispatch will use the Village of Lake Bluff's weather station to determine current conditions.  Weather conditions may be viewed prior to coming to the Public Safety Building at  If the Fire Chief or his designee determines specific weather conditions on the day of the burn will result in a threat to public safety, the Fire Chief or his designee may cancel or reschedule the planned open burning or immediately halt a burn if already in progress;
  • Public Notice: All residents adjoining all property for which the open burning permit is sought shall be notified of the open burning by the permittee in writing at least 72 hours in advance of the proposed burn. Such notice shall give the location of the proposed burn, the primary date and any approved alternate dates of the burn, approximate times and length of burn and provide a telephone number that the resident can call to receive further information if desired. A copy of this notice must also be submitted to the Fire Chief.  In the event a neighboring resident advises that a person residing in his or her household has a medical condition, which may be aggravated by the proposed burn, the permittee will be required to notify such person the morning of the burn, before the burn activity begins.  The Fire Chief may require that notice be provided to additional residents as the Fire Department deems appropriate;
  • Costs Incurred: The permit holder shall be responsible to pay the Village the complete cost of any response by the Fire Department, or any other fire department, due to an emergency response to contain an open burn; 
  • Permit Term: Permits are valid only for a period of 90 days from the date of issuance. The Fire Chief may, but shall not be obligated to, renew a permit for an additional period of up to 90 days.
  • Permit Revocation: If the Fire Chief determines the permit holder has not complied with any aspect of the approved permit, or that any ongoing open burning presents an unreasonable hazard to the public health, safety and welfare, the Fire Chief may immediately revoke the open burning permit.

For additional information, please contact Nancy Gusterine, Fire Department Executive Assistant, at 847-283-8671.