As soon as the end of next week, reconstruction work will begin on roads throughout the Village. The Village maintains roads on a multi-year rotating plan to maximize each road’s useful life.


  • Lincoln Ave, from W Washington to W Blodgett
  • Rockland Ave, north of W Washington
  • Evanston Ave, from E Washington to E North
  • W Witchwood Ln, from Hickory to Park Ln
  • Park Ln, from Mawman Ave to Green Bay Rd
  • N Birch Ave north of Meadow Circle
  • Foss Ct
  • Wimbledon Ct north of Clay Ct
  • Oak Ave parking area north of E Scranton

Major Patching:

  • Green Bay Road bridge over railroad near Bath and Tennis Club Rd
  • Mawman Ave near W Center Ave
  • Armour Dr
  • Heathrow Ct
  • Kohl Avenue
  • Atkinson Rd
  • E North Ave from Moffett to Maple

A letter will be sent to affected residents before construction starts, including contact information should there be any questions or concerns.